Gulf Coast Classical Conversations

Support Manager News Vol. 1 Number 4


Dear families of our Gulf Coast Classical Conversations Communities,

The 2014/2015 year is complete! Give yourselves a pat on the back. It is time to enjoy a break. The beach may be calling your name or a family vacation. BUT before you commence with your summer plans keep in mind the following:

1. Practicum. You may say to yourself, why do I have to go again? Or, I understand the Classical Method I don't need to go. Did you know that practicum means practice? The idea is every year Classical Conversations takes a subject and looks at it deeper and you the parent learns and practices that subject. This is your teacher equipping event. Our speaker this year is a homeschool DAD!!! He is also training to be a Challenge I Director for Ft. Myers. We will have parent panels and student panels in the afternoon so you can ask questions of experienced parents and Challenge students. Plus we will have a fully stocked bookstore. Practicum is June 24-26, we still have room in our camps for your students.

2. Window Into Challenge Event is this SATURDAY. Please come and hear from our Regional Manager Lynn Doto and Support Manager for St. Pete, Mary Arnold as they talk about the vision for the Challenge Program. Both of these ladies are experienced CC moms whose children have graduated from CC. Tell your friends. Come even if you have little ones and they are no where near the Challenge Level.

3. Looking for Leadership. I am looking for a Foundations/Essentials Director for the Sarasota area. Our communities are almost full, in fact if you have not saved your spot it maybe too late. We are in need of another community in our area. This community does not need to be huge, in fact small is better. How small? How about 7 kids. Kristy Williams had 7 in her Bradenton community this past year. Next year Kristy will have 24 kids! If you feel the call to become a Director give me a call.

Finally, we have had a great year. Our combined communities have 18 Memory Masters this year! Our Challenge B competed in 2 Mock Trial Events and won them both! We had a Science Fair and a Geography Bee. What will next year bring??????

Have a blessed summer,


Upcoming Events

Window Into Challenge Program Event May 2

What is the Challenge Program? Do I have to have a Masters Degree to understand Challenge? Have more questions about the Challenge Program? Save the date of May 2 for a Window Into Challenge Event. Lynn Doto, Regional Manager of Classical Conversations for Florida and Alabama will be our quest speaker. The event will take place at 3:30 - 5:30 pm at Crosspoint Church 3530 Whitfield Ave, Sarasota.

Stanford Testing June 8 & 9

Stanford Testing will be on Monday June 8 and Tuesday June 9 at Sarasota Baptist Church. Registration is open Becky Saladino is the Testing Coordinator. If you are able to Proctor a test let Becky know at

Jan O'Donnell Support Manager for Gulf Coast Classical Conversations

Serving Manatee and Sarasota Counties.