C.I.C.A.N Chronicles

Special Anniversary Edition

Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations Eighth Annual Church and Fourth Annual Pastoral Anniversary Celebration

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Happy Fourth Pastoral Anniversary Bishop & Pastor Williams

Happy Eighth Annual Church Anniversary C.I.C.A.N

C.I.C.A.N presents "Transform Us Into Love"

Parade of Tapestry, Liturgical Dance & Prophetic Song Choreographed

by Psalmist Shawanda Shay Anthony & Elder Jenny Claiborne

Special Thanks and Appreciation: Elder Jenny Claiborne, Psalmist Reggie Sykes, Minister Samuel Obie, Drummer Richard Williams, Minister Robin Stewart, M.I.T Talita Mapp, M.I.T Coretta Demery, Minister Vivian Herron, Minister Debra Brewer, Amari Brown, Ranalda Dawkins, Gerell "Omega Sparx" Hoover, B.J Demery, Judah Praise Dancers and Banner Carriers. Also the prayers of my mother, Adora McCain, M.I.T Kathryn Thomas & Minister Jamila Marshall who see the creative gifts inside me & encourage me to go forward with boldness. Last but not least, thank you hubby for being patient with me during the creation of the processional and this newsletter.

Love you all!

The Chronicler,

Psalmist Shawanda Shay Anthony

Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations Anniversary Celebration 2013

Special Presentation

Minister Sheila Robinson gives us something to think about. What will you do with your life? One day you will give an account of all you've done and NOT done. Will you receive access on that great day? Selah

We were blessed by your ministry Minister Sheila. Well done!

Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations Anniversary Celebration 2013

***Special thanks to everyone that served in any aspect of the celebration from cooking, ushering, greeting clean up, cutting grass. It all came together nicely as we each did our part.

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Founder, Apostle Brian Keith Williams with Bishop and Pastor Williams

"There Is No Law Against Love" Special Memories Throughout the Years

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We love and appreciate you Mother Dorothy!

Heres a special "Shout Out" from Elder Angela: CICAN a shout out to Mothery Dorothy and the youth of CICAN for so gracefully and enjoyably serving God's people. WE LOVE YOU MOTHER!!

In Loving Memory