Grassland/ Savannah

By: Luke Brunette, David D, Braden Mittan, Brooke Linker


The Savannah is located in Northern, And Central Africa. There are also some savannahs located in Northern South America, almost smack Dab in the middle of Brazil.

Climate/ Tempature

The tempature range of the savannah is about 68 degrees to 86 degrees. It varies throughout the year in the winter it is 68 degrees to 78 degrees, but in the summer it is 78 degrees to 86 degrees.

It rains about 15 to 25 inches a year!

Animals of the savannah

Zebras often go in herds and march through the savannah.

Elephants are in herds as well and they will migrate around.

Rhinos are stomping around the African savannah

Lions prance around in their majestic manes.

Hyenas can be seen stalking prey or smiling as they sprint around the biome

Plants in the savannah

Acacia Senegal


Bermuda grass

Elephant grass

Gum tree eucalyptus

Interesting facts

•Mainly all grass with few trees

•Very touristy location

•Contains lots of herbivores

•Almost half of Africa is savanna

•soil types are very diverse

African Savanna Biome