Southwood School

May 2022

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In This Edition

-Safety on Wheels Bike Rodeo

-Gardening Opportunity at Southwood

-Grade 4 Farewell

-Spring Concert for Grades 1 & 2

-ASAP - After School Arts Program

-Mom's Pantry Fundraiser

-Southwood School Spring Food Drive

-Transition for Grade 4 Students to Grade 5 (2022/2023)

-School of Choice Deadline


-Did You Know? Visiting the Southwood School Website

-Important Dates

Safety on Wheels Bike Rodeo

On May 27th, the grades 3 and 4 students will be taking part in the Safety on Wheels bike rodeo program, provided by MPI. It is a two-part bicycle safety presentation involving both theory and practice. In part 1, the students will learn about rules of the road (signs, signaling and safety tips), helmet fit, bike fit and bike condition. In part 2, the students will practice riding skills, such as turning, braking, use of hand signals and recognizing road signs.

Ideally, every student should have a bicycle to ride and a helmet in order to get the most benefit from this program. However, we realize this may not be possible. We will be asking students with a bicycle to double up and share with someone of similar height. A helmet must be worn while riding. If you have a helmet but are unable to bring your bicycle, please still bring your helmet.

Gardening Opportunity at Southwood

It looks like Spring will finally arrive, fingers crossed. We are excited to get out into our outdoor learning space, particularly our garden beds. Several of our classes are busy planning what to grow and how to fill the border gardens around our Outdoor Classroom. We are hoping to partner with our families and parents for the summer to help us keep them growing and productive during the summer months when students and teachers are on vacation. If you would like the opportunity to try out your green thumb and help weed and water Southwood's garden beds this summer, please contact your child's teacher or the office and express your interest.

Grade 4 Farewell

The Grade 4 teachers are very excited to host the Grade 4 Farewell this year! This will be taking place on Tuesday, June 28 beginning with a Farewell Assembly in the morning and various activities throughout the day and even a bit after school. More information will be coming to families closer to the beginning of June

Spring Concert for Grades 1 & 2

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ASAP - After School Arts Program

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Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser

Southwood’s Parent Advisory Council is once again fundraising for playground equipment. Fundraiser packages will be sent home with the oldest child of the family, the week of May 2.

Fundraising is also available online this year, an information email will be sent to parents with all the details.

The fundraiser will run from May 9- June 3, orders will be processed following that date.

Southwood School Spring Food Drive

The Spring Food Drive will run from May 2nd to May 12th, 2022. We have decided to divide the items and ask each grade to collect specific items.


Pasta, pasta sauce, kraft dinner, sidekicks rice or pasta, juice boxes

Grade 1

Crackers, pre canned meals ( ravioli, spaghetti, etc ), canned soup

Grade 2

Porridge, cream of wheat, cereal, pancake mix, pancake syrup

Grade 3

Baby formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, baby crackers, ivory snow laundry detergent

Grade 4

Dish soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, hand soap, tooth paste, toothbrushes, deodorant

If you are able to participate, please send the items to school with your child. Thank you kindly for your support!

Transition for Grade 4 Students to Grade 5 (2022/2023)

By now, all parents of students who will be attending Grade 5 at Clearspring Middle School or Stonybrook Middle School next year (2022/2023) should have received the registration package from their prospective schools. In mid May, these schools will be emailing introductory information and videos and posting it on their websites. Please watch for the emails and check in with their websites for any updates during this time of transitioning into grade 5. Grade 4 students will visit their middle schools as part of our transition program this spring.

School of Choice Deadline

If you are planning to complete school of choice forms(s) for your student(s) to attend a school out of your catchment area please hand them into your school of the Hanover School Division office no later than May 15, 2022.


If you are planning to move locations during the summer please email our office at as soon as possible or the school division at 204-326-6471 after June 30th. Thank you!

Did You Know? - Visiting the Southwood School Website

Our website is full of information and is constantly updated for any information you may need.

Find information on hot lunch, kindergarten registration, bus schedules, and literacy links, just to name a few.

Stay connected by visiting to keep up to date!

Dates to Remember

May 2022

May 5 - 2F and 2N Zoo Field Trip

May 10 - Hot lunch. This is an ODD numbered school day, ordering is open to K1G, K3G, & K5V only.

May 15 - School of Choice Deadline

May 23 - Victoria Day (No classes)

May 24 -Hot lunch. This is an EVEN numbered school day, ordering is open to K2G and K4H, only.

May 27 - Kindergarten Field Trip

May 27 - Safety on Wheels Bike Rodeo (Grade 3 and 4)

June 2022

June 2 - 3/4J and 3/4B Lower Fort Garry Field Trip

June 3 - 3H, 3P, 3M Oak Hammock March Field Trip

June 8 - 4N and Grade 4's from 3/4J and 3/4B visit to SMS

June 8 - Grade 1 Zoo Field Trip

June 8 - Hot Lunch. This is an ODD numbered school day, ordering is open to K1G, K3G, & K5V only.

June 9 - Grade 4 Lower Fort Garry Field Trip

June 10 - 4H and 4D visit to SMS, Grade 4's visit CMS

June 13 - Admin Day - No Classes

June 22 - Hot Lunch. This is an EVEN numbered school day, ordering is open to K2G and K4H, only.

June 28 - Grade 4 Farewell

June 29 - School Picnic

June 29 - Last Day of Classes

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