Fight Against Childhood Cancer

...and watch me shave my head bald. Everyone's a winner!

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Did you know that EVERY DAY 43 parents are told the words "your child has cancer"

Not so fun facts:

Only 4% of federal funding is dedicated towards research that supports CHILDHOOD cancers

Childhood cancers have risen 20% since 1975. Brain cancers and soft tissue sarcomas have risen 25%.

But in the last 20 years, only three new drugs have been approved that were specifically developed to treat children with cancer.

About 60% of all funding for drug development in adult cancers comes from pharmaceutical companies. For Kids? Almost NONE because it's far less profitable.

When you support St. Baldricks 100% of money raised goes towards RESEARCH for childhood cancers

Childhood cancer isn't just one disease—there are over a dozen types of childhood cancer and countless subtypes, each requiring specific research to develop the best treatment for every child.

So, I'm shaving my head on May 21st and I am asking for your help in this campaign

5 ways YOU can help and still keep your hair

1. Make a financial donation to my St. Baldricks campaign. Use this link to make your contribution today and help make a difference.

2. I am donating ALL of my Beautycounter commissions for the month of March. ANY AND ALL Beautycounter purchases made this month will also help support St. Baldricks

3. Host a Beautycounter social during March. If you LOVE Beautycounter and their mission to make clean and safe products available to EVERYONE then host a social. Invite your family and friends over and share the love. Anything they purchase will also have commission that will go to St. Baldricks. There has never been a better time to get the word out!

4. Sharing is caring. Please share this message. Tell your friends, post this to social media, ask your HR department to match your personal donation and rally up your troops - I NEED YOU! I have a $5,000 goal. Wouldn't it be fun if as a community we crushed it!!!! I think so.

As my accountant recently reminded us EVERYONE wins when you donate to charity.

5. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Every Friday will now be "Shamelessly Asking for Your Money Day" I will be donating over 20 inches of hair to Children with Hair loss based here in Michigan and I am shamelessly and proudly fundraising to match that with a financial donation just as significant. You can find me on Instagram as DetroitBeautycounter or WineandRhetoric. I will be doing special raffles and drawings and giving away FREE Beautycounter products along the way.

Do you own a small business in Plymouth? This would look great hanging on your walls.

Show your customers that you too support local! This is a fun and worthy community event.

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Thank you!

I felt compelled to participate in something both unifying and uplifting and I could not think of anything better than working WITH YOU to help children and families during their darkest hours. I cannot do this alone - Thank you for your support!