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Did you know that centipedes have poisin frount claws.Centipedes store poisin so they can posin

prey.Size can reach a foot or an inch.They can

be multi colored.Centipedes are invertabrates and

have an exoskeleton.They have up to 100 to 30

legs.Here are some facts about how they look!

Did you know that centipedes have poison front claws? Centipedes store poison in their claws so they can poison prey. Size can reach in a adults foot or a paper clip. They can be multi colored! Centipedes are a invertebrate and have a exoskeleton. They can have 30-100 legs. Here are some facts of how centipedes look!


Centipedes can go under rocks,bark and logs.Centipedes love the dark. Centipedes can live in America,Asia and Africa.Here are some facts of Habatat.

Centipedes eat ants,spiders,moths,slugs,mice