Newsletter Week 7 Term 4

St Peter's College 2nd December 2022


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Kia ora e te whanau

And just like that, our last full week of the 2022 academic year draws to an end. We have seen the final NCEA examinations take place for our seniors, and our junior students have been involved in a range of different activities, including Retreats and Camps. Staff have been busy preparing for 2023 and are already looking forward to the many exciting opportunities that the new year will bring to the students of St Peter’s College.

Next week we will conclude the academic year with the whole school prizegiving. Although not all students will be recognised at this prizegiving, each and every student should be very proud of what they have achieved this year. By contributing to our wider community, through participation in sport and cultural events and by making the most of learning opportunities in class, our students continue to develop the skills and attributes to be empowered through their Mercy and Rosminian education to challenge and shape their futures. We strongly encourage all members of our community and all of our students to attend this Wednesday night at 7pm at the Gore Town and Country club.

All schools, no matter how good their academic results, cultural and sporting track records, will have its challenges and improvements to be made. We will never be a perfect College, but we are very proud of the place this school has in the community as the Catholic touchstone for past, present and future families. St Peter’s College could not exist without our mission, vision, motto and values. I will take this opportunity to remind you all of these values at this time: Compassion, Commitment, Community “It is important for our students to follow in Jesus Christs footsteps through servant leadership. Consideration for others is evident in all that we do, and St Peter’s College exists to ensure all students are grounded in the Catholic faith through living these values.” If we get this right, then everything else needed will follow.

The summer break is nearly here and as we head into the festivities of Christmas, not only is this a pivotal time in our Catholic calendar as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, it is also a time for each of us to stop, reflect and evaluate, to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes. One way we can support our young people is by encouraging them to reflect on what has worked well this year and what hasn’t, and look at reasons why. There are opportunities to learn and strategies to develop which can then be put into practice as our students prepare for 2023 and another stepping stone along their personal journey.

I also challenge our students over the Christmas break to find a balance between rest and recuperation, and preparation and self improvement. Yes, our students need a break, but they also need to ensure that each day they are doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity, at least 30 minutes of reading, and unplugging from devices to enjoy time reconnecting with family and friends.

Loving God, during this holy season of Christmas we ask for your blessing on our all families.

Let Mary’s openness to your wondrous ways be an inspiration to place all trust in you.

Let Joseph’s courage provide hope during times of anxiety and uncertainty.

Let Jesus’ life ignite all families with a spirit of light and love. May the grace that encircled the Holy Family widen to embrace all families. Amen.

Charity Fulfils the Law

Tara Quinney,


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Prize Giving Practice - Wednesday, 7th December

On Wednesday, 7th December, Prize Giving practice will take place at the Town and Country Club, at the following times:

Year 11 at 09.30am

Year 12 at 10.30am

Year 13 at 11.30am

Please note all Year 13's should attend the practice at 11.30am. If you are unable to attend please email Mr Terry on

6.40pm - All students and family members to arrive and be seated at the Town and Country Club

7.00pm - Prize Giving begins

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Uniform shop appointments

When booking uniform fitting appointments, please only book one time slot. If you need to pick up/swap shoes and other uniform items please come in after 23rd January to do this. You will not need to book an appointment to do so.

There are still plenty of uniform shop appointments available under 'uniform 1' and 'uniform 2' on the following dates:

Wednesday,14th December

Wednesday,18th January

Monday, 30th January

Wednesday, 1st February

Log onto and use code: bm9ff

Thank you

Leiza Egan,

Uniform Shop Manager

Year 9 Big Day out

Year 9 spent most of Tuesday having fun at the MLT stadium partaking in lots of fun sporting activities.

Science class - Water Bottle Rocket launch

Here we have 7S Science launching water bottle rockets - some went fairly high!

Year 7 Materials Technology

Lia Soriano, Siam Kelly and Aaliyah Silvestre with their finished work in Materials Technology. George McFadzien finishing his milk bottle holder. Max Weigersma and Max Richardson making Christmas trees in the workshop.

Year 10 Students Materials Technology

Year 10 students putting the finishing touches on their work.

International Students heading home

Our final group of students are starting their journey to Bangkok today. Depp and Dada Chantaraviroj and Batt Othavorn have been in Gore for 1035 days and are well overdue to see family and friends in person!!

Depp and Dada's homestay mum Nikki, is travelling with the students for an official "handover" in Thailand and to also spend some time with the families.

All three students will return at the end of January 2023, when the boys will be in Year 13 and Dada in Year 11. Have a wonderful time at home.

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International Student - Ophelia Nam’s experience here in New Zealand

I arrived in New Zealand from Hong Kong in July 2019, when I was 12 years old, dragging a heavy suitcase to the school dormitory alone, and began my life as a student. Looking back, what I was most worried about was whether I could integrate into the circle of local classmates? Can you get used to living without the care of your family? All kinds of problems became my problem. But before I know it, I have been studying abroad for four years, and I will describe these four short years as sweet and bitter.

At that time, when I was in the eighth grade, I couldn't speak a word of English, so I naturally tried to learn and get used to the new things around me in the circle of international students. There were about twenty international students at that time. They were from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Thailand. At that time, I was the youngest amongst the international students, and I was very grateful to have their kind care to help me through the most homesick stage.

At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic left me not able to see my family for three years. International students have also gradually decreased due to the pandemic, but it is also an opportunity for me to see more, grow more independent and start to integrate into the circle of local students. Although I have missed my family a lot in the past three years, the busy and fulfilling campus and life outside the school have made me accustomed to not having my family around. During my time studying in New Zealand, I grew to enjoy going to school. New Zealand's pure air, beautiful scenery and quiet life gave me a great learning environment. The pressure and countless homework in Hong Kong schools is really very different from the relaxed and enjoyable teaching model in New Zealand. I found that students in New Zealand often asked questions in class, and this learning atmosphere also pushed me to be more unafraid and courageous to ask my teachers questions. Every encouragement from the teacher also made me find the joy of learning, learning because I'm interested and not because of prospects or grades.

Sport is very important in New Zealand and studying here gives me more opportunities and time to try different sports. Netball, dancing, running and fitness make me feel fulfilled physically, mentally, and one of the sources of self-confidence.

I was lucky to meet a lot of kind people on my way. The New Zealand friends I have met here have also become people I cherish and are very close to. They are also one of the reasons I fell in love with school, sitting with them on the grass to eat lunch every day, talking about general things in life, and telling jokes made my study abroad more exciting. From my friends I also learned more about New Zealand culture. I also got to see and live on a farm during the school holidays, which gave me a very different experience from Hong Kong.

I have been studying in New Zealand for almost four years, and although I will be separated from my family for a long time, what I get is a very pleasant childhood memory and what I learn here will follow me for the rest of my life. I believe that experiencing it is very important for learning, and I believe that insight and experience can change a person's destiny. Just as reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles.

Ophelia Nam, Year 11

Photo: Ophelia Nam with her friends
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Host families wanted for International students

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Exemplary piece of Artwork drawn by Year 8 student - Matilda Macleod

Here we have a wonderful piece of artwork. A portrait of a class mate, drawn by Matilda Macleod in Year 8. Well done Matilda.
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Please feel free to send in any of your child's sporting achievements if you would like them to appear in the newsletter. Email them to

2023 Steel Steps Accelerator Programme

Massive congratulations to Ella Donnelly, Courtney Scanlan, Kate Perkins and Rachael Miller who made it through to the 2023 Steel Steps Accelerator Programme. What a massive achievement; well done girls.
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Cricket T20

Annie Sloper, Augusta Howden and Madelyn Chittock played 2 x T20’s in Dunedin on Sunday in the Southland Year 7/8 team.

Unfortunately the girls lost both games but it was the first of two games together as a team before the tournament in January.

Photo from left: Annie Sloper, Augusta Howden and Madelyn Chittock

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Southland Primary School Athletics

Here are a few photos from Southland Primary Athletics. Well done to all those students involved.
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Kia ora

Ko te kai a te rangatira he korero The food of leaders is oratory

The annual Race Unity Speech Awards will again be available to students in Years 11-13 next year. The regional heats will take place between Monday, 1st and Saturday, 6th May, leading to the national semi-finals, national final and national hui in Auckland on the weekend of Saturday, 17th and Sunday, 18th June.

The Race Unity Speech Awards are a forum where students can share their vision for achieving racial equity and unity in Aotearoa. The most eloquent and effective speakers from each region give their speeches at the national level, contributing to the national conversation about race relations.

In 2022 we had over 100 participants from 14 regions throughout the country. The national semi-finals, the national hui and the national final were all held in June at MIT’s Ngā Kete Wānanga Marae in Auckland. This year was distinguished by having joint awardees of Tohu Raukura ā-Motu – NZ Police National Champion’s Award. Seven awards were presented at the nationals to rangatahi from Kerikeri, Whangarei, Gisborne, Palmerston North, Havelock North, Masterton and Timaru. Their speeches have been watched by thousands of viewers and are available on our website and all our social media channels.

The theme of the 2023 speech awards is: Awhihia te rito – Nurture the young.

This theme will allow young people to develop their thoughts about the important and topical issue of race relations, as well as demonstrate their own skills and flair with the spoken word.

Details of how to register online and specific guidance about the competition will be emailed to your school once the 2023 school year starts. These details will also be available on the dedicated website from the beginning of Term One.

We think it may help prospective candidates to know about the competition early so they have time to reflect on the theme for 2023 over the summer holidays, so please feel free to forward this message and opportunity to any students who you think might like to participate.

Ngā mihi maioha,

Yours sincerely

New Zealand Bahá’í Community

Bev Watson

For the Coordination Team, Race Unity Speech Awards


On Saturday, 10th December, we welcome the annual MUKA YOUTH PRINT EXHIBITION back to Gore. Since its inception in 1987, the Muka Youth Print Exhibition has been touring the country every year, exhibiting original stone lithographs exclusively for young people.

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity for young people (aged 5-18 inclusive) to purchase original lithographic prints in an environment where adults are not allowed. All unframed prints are $85 and the artists' names are covered during the show. This encourages children to choose work based on their appreciation of the work rather than the artist’s reputation or potential for financial gain. Entry to the exhibition is free, any young person is welcome and there is no pressure to buy.


One Day Only - Saturday, 10th December, 11am-4pm

East Gore Art Centre, 6 Rock Street, Gore

Coming up.......

Duke of Edinbugh Silver/Gold tramp - Thursday, 1st to 4th December

Year 13 Leavers Dinner - Friday, 2nd December

Year 10 Taster Day - Monday, 5th December

Teacher's Union Meeting, school finishes at 12.50 - Monday, 5th December

Year 7 EOTC - Monday, 5th and Tuesday 6th December

Christian Service Morning - Wednesday, 7th December

Prizegiving at The Town and Country Club - Wednesday, 7th December at 7pm

Last day of school - Wednesday, 7th December

School PickUp

SchoolPickUp is an online store, selling a very wide range (currently 10,000 items and growing) of high-quality products. Most importantly, any purchases you make will mean 50% of the profits go straight to St Peter's College Gore.