5th Grade News Bennett Elementary

Week of March March 28 - April 1st

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Lesson Plans

In Reading, we will be working on reviewing concepts previously taught this year in preparation for the STAAR test on Wednesday, March 30th. We will make sure to spiral previously taught concepts, including reading and analyzing fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. Students will continue their Civil War Literature Circle books. Week 3 of Literature Circle reading and questions is due on Friday, April 1st.

There will be NO spelling words this week!

In Social Studies, students will continue learning about the Civil War in their ELM groups. They will be researching the causes, events of, and effects of the Civil War. They will, then, be making a children's book that demonstrates their knowledge of these aspects of the Civil War. We can't wait to see all the wonderful things they learn!

Reading Homework (no attachments)

Math and Science

Lesson Plans


In Math, we will begin a logic and problem solving unit called Athenian Secret. The students will get to work together reviewing this year’s concepts in a fun and interactive way.


We will continue our last unit of study before the Science STAAR, which is Balance In Nature. During our unit, students will explore the water and carbon dioxide - oxygen cycles and discover balance and stability that occurs in the natural world. Students will explore plant and animal life cycles and adaptations. They will also learn about the balance between various interactions that occur between living and nonliving things in ecosystems. The Balancing Act #3 vocabulary quiz will be on Friday, April 1st. The words and a link to study is attached below.

Math and Science Homework

Upcoming Events

  • Week of March 28-April 1st - Closed Campus due to STAAR.
  • Tuesday, March 29th - Math STAAR test; PTO newsletter goes home; Kidz Science 3-4p
  • Wednesday, March 30th - Reading STAAR test; 4th and 5th perform at Texas Legends
  • Thursday, March 31st - Growth and Development preview at Central Office
  • Saturday, April 23rd -Spring Carnival from 3:00-7:00p
  • Saturday, June 4 - Rough Rider McKinney ISD Night


STAAR Reminders

Please read some reminders below about how YOU can help your child prepare for STAAR this week!

Pictures Needed!

Please email a picture of your child as a toddler or younger AND a recent picture of your child that you love to Ms. Brown at (mbrown@mckinneyisd.net) ASAP!

Dowell Orchestra Announcement!

Orchestra instrument selection night is FRIDAY APRIL 1, 6-8pm* in the Dowell Cafeteria.

ALL incoming 6th grade students are welcome to join Orchestra. We do not turn away students who are interested in playing a stringed instrument. We teach you everything you need to know and we are a family!

*First come, first served. Some instruments fill up quickly so arrive early on April 1!

5th Grade Party Information

McKinney ISD Rough Rider Night - June 4th