Apple Itunes Store vs Google Play

Areas of focus

Google Play has movies, games, TV shows, books you can even look at the news on this app.

Apple app store has movies, games, TV shows< books just like Google play but Google play may have more of a variety.

Google play and apple apps

Usually an app will come out for apple first I'm not sure why but the app will eventually go come out on Google play too. So all of the good or the newest and popular apps will come out so people that use Google play cant play or use them. So apple is more up to date with popular apps or they get them first.

Apple vs google play who has more apps?

I personally think Apple has more apps and a more of a variety then Google play. Google play has a lot but I don't think they have enough or more than apple anyway. Me personally I like apple way better I'm not the biggest fan of Google play because I've always used apple never have I used Google play and I've used apple and never have I had a problem with it.

Cost to submit app to app stores

To submit an app to an app store for iTunes its $99 per year. It is the same for Google play too. I think that apple would have more bugs because more people use it as of Google play not as many people use that so its cleaner than apple.