by america carrillo

why is it a problem?

abortion is a problem because woman who are doing this is very immature i mean its something really bad and sad because what they're doing is very wrong they are killing a human being its like you're killing an angel.

how many people does it affect?

Thursday, March 5th, 9pm

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it affects doctors because they're the ones who have to see a baby that's not even born yet die. and also families it affects them because i mean they have to think to them selves why are they doing this to a baby!!

how does it affect them?

it affects them by killing people don't they have the conscience about it. the moms that are aborting them they are in risk of not ever having a baby again. and it's pretty sad because somewhere in their lives they're going to want to have a family and unfortunately they wont be able to have one.

abortion should stop