Sustainable Energy

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Hello! I am a enviromental engineer! A small township on the far north coast of Queensland has asked me to advise them. They would like to stop using coal-powered electricity, and power their town with other sustainable methods. The climate is very warm, and the sea is quite rough on their part of the coast. The population is approximately 30,000. The main business is deep sea fishing and tourism, plus providing shops and services to nearby farming communities.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the sustainable energy that you could use. They are basically panels that collect sunshine and produce it into electricity for your house. Using solar panels can cut your electricity bills which will be great news to lots of people. Another benefit is that it doesn't pollute the environment. Coal and fossil fuels are also running out right now so changing to solar panels would be a great choice. Your community would have an advantage since the climate is very warm and therefore the sun can shine into your house more. Why would anyone want to waste the sunshine beaming into their house anyway?

Wave Energy

Another choice is to use wave energy, wave energy also creates electricity without polluting the air or harming the sea animals like fossil fuels do. The rougher the water, the better for the wave turbines, it causes more wave energy which makes more electricity. Then your town would have lots of electricity and you would even have an underwater tourist attraction. Well, if the turbines look good enough, of course.


The pollution not only affects the air, it also affects the fish. This matter is very important especially to the town since one of the main businesses is deep sea fishing. Fish will soon be dying and the fishing business will soon be corrupted if this pollution continues any further. Since the town will soon not using coal-powered energy anymore, the fish will be healthy and apparently the fishing business is gonna be really successful.


Seeing as there are no more pollution in your area and it will be fresh if you all change to solar energy or/and wave energy, there would be loads more tourists and the solar panels can even attract tourists. They would think, "WOW! This area is so great, all of the houses have solar panels, everyone is helping with the environment and preventing pollution."