Buy ()ur new !mpr()ved $ol@r p@nel$

Solar Panels <*))))><

our solar panels have many advantages:

The source of the sun is reusable

No pollution

Carry full warranty for 20-30 years

Reduces energy bills

Have a life span of 30-40 years

Solar energy is designed 4 particular needs


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Did You Know?

That the sun can produce enough energy to power the whole world for a year in 15 minutes?

On an average, per square metre solar radiation availability in Australia is the highest in the world?

The biggest solar plant in Australia has a capacity of 3MW and is located at Liddel in New South Wales. The plant uses modern thermal concentrators?

  • By the year 2020, 4% to 7% of the Australian household energy bill will be due to renewable energy?

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