A Cold Ride

By: Grayson Lowe

One day me my dad and my brother were back at a pond in the woods. There were also ATV trails, and we were riding our ATV. It was very early spring when we were down there.

While my dad and brother were fishing at the pond I went to ride. Right before the pond is a massive hill. The hill is very bumpy/rocky and has a sharp turn at the end witch is right beside the pond. I was riding on all the trails and like I said it was early spring and it was a chilly day. After riding for about 20 minutes

I got kind of cold so I decided to head back. On the way down the hill I wasn’t paying attention and went over a pot hole and the tires turned and somehow got locked in the direction of the pond. So the ATV went into the pond with me on it. The water was very cold so I instantly swam out. My dad and my brother ran over and we pulled the ATV out with the truck.

At the time I was only 8 or 9 years old so I was afraid of riding for a few months. But surprisingly the ATV didn’t get the engine flooded witch I was glad.

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