By: Eric

How To Play.

When the game is about to start, you get into the middle circle, and the referee will blow the whistle, and you will start the game. You normally pass to one of your teammates. Then you keep playing until the ball goes out of bounds. Then you do a throw in, a goal kick, or a corner kick depending on where the ball went out. Then if you score a goal, you start it over again.

Rules of the game and penalties

If you get a little penalty, the other team will get a free kick. The types of fouls are as follows. Kicking an opponent, tripping, jumping into an opponent, charging into an opponent, pushing, tackling from behind, holding, touching the ball if you're not the goalie. A yellow card is when they throw it and it means a warning to not do it again. A red card is when you are ejected from the game, and can't be subbed in for.

Soccer teams I like

My soccer history

When I started

I started soccer when I was in kindergarten and quickly grew to enjoy the sport. I have played up until now even today. I play in the MESA league and I really like it. I play striker and score a lot of goals. A lot of my friends play it.

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