3M News


A Note From Ms. Massara

Hello 3M parents & happy Friday! We had another wonderful two weeks of school in room 208.

Some reminders:

  • The Fall Fair is tomorrow! Hope to see you there!
  • Bike Rodeo is on Monday. A notice was sent home in your child's homework folder with some important reminders.

Next Week

Halloween Party: will take place on Friday, 10/30. Students will go home for lunch and change into their costumes.


The student council will be collecting spare change until the end of the week. The funds raised will go toward feeding children and providing clean drinking water. Just 6¢ can provide water for 1 thirsty child and $2.00 can provide food for that child!

Math Test

We will have our Unit 2 Math Test next Friday, 10/30. Next week we will focus on subtraction strategies and we'll review on Thursday. The test will focus on addition and subtraction, as well as some review skills:

  • Extension facts
  • Number stories
  • In/Out Boxes
  • Adding/subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers
  • Telling time to the nearest minute
  • Place value
  • Elapsed time

Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great weekend!

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Reader's Workshop

The past two weeks in Reader's Workshop we..

  • read the story Destiny's Gift and learned how to draw conclusions about a character's traits based on their words and actions.
  • learned how to correctly write dialogue using commas, quotation marks, and speaker tags
  • identified and fixed run on sentences and fragments
  • read Pop's Bridge and learned how to compare and contrast using a Venn Diagram
  • learned the difference between common and proper nouns


Over the past two weeks in math we..

  • practiced fact families with our fact triangles to review the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction
  • worked on solving function machines problems to find a missing input, output, or rule
  • learned that knowing our basic facts can help us solve problems with bigger numbers by exploring fact extensions
  • practiced how to round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred with our rounding roller coaster in order to make ballpark estimates
  • explored the partial sums method and traditional method of addition
  • learned and practiced the steps to solve addition number stories
  • practiced with Parts-and -Total diagrams to help us solve our addition number stories
  • learned that when adding with three or more addends it helps to look for number combinations that make addition easier. For example: 33+ 22+ 8 +7= ? We would add 33 +7 then 22+8

Writer's Workshop

We have been working so hard on writing our small moment stories. Our writers are writing their stories bit by bit to help their reader picture exactly what is happening in their story. We just finished revising our piece to make it stronger by including dialogue, creating a captivating lead, slowing down the heart of the story, adding descriptive details, and adding paragraphing.

We are now starting on a new piece to apply all of the skills we have learned. We will then decide which piece we will publish and celebrate!

We also put our great imaginations and creativity to work in creating Halloween stories. We will share our spooky stories with the class next week.

playing spelling games

We love our new spelling games to help us review for our test!

Rehearsing our small moment stories before putting them on paper

Fun with function machines!

14 is going into our machine.. What is going to come out?! What rule is our machine set to?!

http://www.iboard.co.uk/iwb/Function-Machine-Add-and-Subtract-756 --click the link for your child to play with this interactive function machine we played with in class

Big image


Scarecrow making

Thank you to our parent volunteers!

Our final products!

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Big image
Big image
Big image

First Lizzy Community Meeting of the year

Star Student, Evie!

Big image

Star Student, Natalia

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Important Dates:

10/24: Fall Fair, 11 AM- 3 PM

10/29: School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM

10/30: Halloween Parade and Class Parties, 1:45 PM

11/2-11/6: School closed for all students, Teacher Professional Development Week

Have a great weekend!