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Need A Friend?

Come down to the Bunny Farm to Adopt a little companion. Dogs are too big, Cats are too creepy? Then come down to the Bunny Farm to adopt a bunny, they are just the right size and not at all creepy. They are the cutest thing ever, and easy to take care of.

Lots of Attention

Potty Training

Potty training a bunny is very easy, but I would suggest doing at a young age like a puppy. Start with having no bedding at the bottom of your bunnies cage and a bunny litter box. Fill the bunnies litter box with bedding. Every time you take your bunny out to play put it back in its cage every hour for about five to ten minutes, than take your bunny out again. If your bunny has an accident put it back in its cage. A bunny wont be fully potty trained with droppings so don't worry about that. Also if your bunny is playing away from his/her cage than take the litter box out of its cage and put it in the room your bunny is playing in. After a couple of weeks or months your bunny should be fully potty trained.
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Easter Sale!

Easter is coming up, and Easter is like a bunnies Christmas. So make a bunny happy and adopt one on Easter. Easter we are having a Super Bunny Sale!

We have Bunnies this small

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