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Hint Hacks

We all want to look younger and live longer!

It seems to be a well kept secret. I think that my mother, Jean Iltis, who is 95 seems to exemplify healthy living. Meanwhile she eats meat and potato chips. Her emphasis always have been about balance in that moderation works for her. Unfortunately my mother lost both my brothers to cancer. I have a rare form of arthritis which is inflammatory, not autoimmune and it seems the diagnosis may continue to evolve. As a disabled person I ruminate on the question why are we of so many extremes. It feels better to believe in something even if we think the only option is to practice it perfectly.

One thing I do agree with my mom is that no matter what age, if you try to adhere to restrictive rituals, rigidity of lifestyle, and high degree of pressure.

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Hinting Around

My Hint -

  1. Safety In Numbers - You can't lose weight or start a new behavior without help
  2. Believe it the us government has some great web sites on nutrition, now if you don't like that.
  3. Try Web M.D. Why? They have videos, they have newsletters, and they balanced information and a great mobile app.

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