ESL Focus Training: 9.22.16



1. Welcome. Introductions. Refreshments.

2. Updates. Announcements.

3. Activity: Newcomer or Long Term ELL? 5 Strategies

  • Accountable Discussions
  • Quiz, Quiz, Trade
  • Tableau
  • Sketch to Stretch
  • Sentence Stem Chart

4. Debrief Activity: Quiz Quiz Trade and Draw Me.

5. Incorporating a sheltered strategy into an exemplar lesson.

6. Closing

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Updates. Announcements

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Activity: Newcomer or Long Term ELL? 5 Strategies

In this activity, you will visit the QR codes posted around the room, access the QR code with your phone, and learn about a strategy.

With your graphic organizer, take notes on whether the strategy would work best for a newcomer or a long term ELL. Answer: How could the strategy be modified if it doesn't work for a newcomer? How could it be modified for a long term ELL?

Participants will:

  • Walk around the room and visit the QR Codes posters.
  • Use a device (iPad/iPhone, etc.) to read or listen to the instructions for each strategy.
  • Take notes on the graphic organizer.
  • Debrief: Teachers will discuss ways the strategy can be used with a newcomer or a long term ELL.
  • Share observations whole group.
  • Explore how strategies would work in an exemplar lesson.

Closing: 1, 2, 3, Tableau! Teachers choose one of the strategies they would like to incorporate into lessons and demonstrate it using tableau.
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Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up

  • Take a marker and a whiteboard with you for this activity.
  • Use the Kagan strategy, Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up to find a parter.
  • Use the strategy, Draw Me, to sketch one of the strategies you learned about today.
  • Partner will guess the strategy.
  • Take turns/switch partners.
  • When you both have guessed, move on to another partner. (SUHUPU)
  • Debrief: Thoughts? (Whole Group)

Incorporate a Stategy into a Lesson: Sketch to Stretch

Take a look at these excerpts from language arts exemplar lessons: could you incorporate the Sketch to Stretch strategy for beginner level ELLs?

  • How could Sketch to Stretch be used to scaffold the writing students are being asked to do? (Assume that sheltered strategies have been used to scaffold the reading.)
  • Discuss with a partner.

Closing: Tableau your favorite strategy.

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