Principal's Page

Thursday - November 12th, 2020

School Year Theme..."In His Hands"

A Note from Principal Landgrave....

Congratulations to students were placed on the 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Gold Honor Roll (4.30-3:75 GPA)

Grade 2 - Rayana Woods-Brooks

Grade 3 - Sarah Harding, Grace Johnson, John Karo, Zara Lacatus, Chanjo Mfula, Ajna Salihovic, Ella Shortenhaus, Michael Taye

Grade 4 - Meklit Taye

Grade 5 - Ariel Gauthier, Arlene Gomez, Matthew Malou

Grade 6 - Brianna Castrejon

Grade 7 -Aden Getahun, Gerald Okuna

Grade 8 - Desiree Mathiasson

Maroon Honor Roll (3.50-3.74)

Grade 2 - Nai Maher, Dzana Salihovic, Abigail Shortenhaus

Grade 7 - Claire Montalvan, Nevin Saini

Honorable Mention (3.30-3.49)

Grade 6 - Maya Tinoco

Grade 8 - Devin Patterson

65% of all 2nd - 8th graders were placed on the Honor Roll!

Holiday Travel Plans??? Per the new City of Chicago Quaratine Guidelines - - your child will be subject to stay home for two weeks if they travel to a state that is on the quarantine list, and that state is in the "red zone". If your child travels to a state in the "orange zone" they will be expected to quaratine for two weeks OR provide a negative COVID test result upon arrival in Chicago. If you plan to travel to a state that is in the "yellow zone" you are expected to adhere to strict masking, social distancing, and other safety measures. No quarantine is required for yellow states. The state quarantine list changes constantly, so please check the City of Chicago website for the most updated list.

Aaron Landgrave, Principal

The Hard Hat Winners are.....Our Hard Working Honor Roll Students!!!!

Every student on the Honor roll deserves the Hard Hat - but I do not have 24 Hard Hats, so please accept my sincre appreciation of all your hard work and diligence.

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Did you know?????

75% of BIA students voted for Joe Biden in last week’s election. Scholastic News reported that students have elected the president in almost every election over the last 24 years. To learn more about the Scholastic student vote results, click here.

In an effort to keep our BIA community safe and healthy, we ask that you limit your family activities, as much as possible, to those in the low to low/medium range. Thank you for your help and consideration.

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Thought of the Week:

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts. Anonymous

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Celebrate Christmas Around the World with Us!

On December 11th, we invite you to join us after school as we celebrate both the Christmas season and the many nationalities that make up BIA. The church green will be decorated with six Christmas trees, each decorated by a class with ornaments from the countries we represent. If you have a tree you'd like to donate, we'd gladly accept the donation. In addition, we are looking to have students bring in pictures of how a tree would be decorated in your country. Photos can be sent into your child's teacher, or the school office. For more information, or to make a donation, please contact the school office.

It wouldn't be fall without a bit of fun in the leaves! Click below and enlarge the screen to play the video

Fall Fun!
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Chapel Offering - week is the last week to give towards the food pantry!

So far for October/November, we have already raised over $65 in our chapel offerings! The funds will be accumulated throughout October and November and will be donated to a local food pantry. We are thankful for our families giving hearts!

Thank you 4th and 5th graders!

For our special Veterans Day chapel service, our 4th and 5th graders reminded us to be thankful for those who so willingly serve our country.

Picture Retake Day - November 18th!

This is your chance for retake if your child was not in school or if you did not like your child’s first picture. If they had a picture taken they must bring the one they want to replace with them to school.

A Note from our Director of Marketing & Enrollment - Mrs. Bateman

Have have you seen the news???? We are starting a Parent Ambassador program. Parent Ambassadors will be our connection to the community AND serve as part of a sheparding program for new families. If you'd like to be a part of such a program, please send me an email ( and I will add you to my list. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

While we still are unable to have parents and volunteers inside our school buildings, we'd like to find ways for our parents to interact (in-person or virtually) as a part of the BIA community. Whether it's forming a parent running club, hosting "Fire-Up" a parent or family bonfire gathering, or having a cocoa club or coffee & conversations I'd like to have your feedback as to what might interest you. Again, please email me if there is something of interest to you.

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Ugly Sweater Day!

December 14th, our entire school will be celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with our Stirred to Love partners at St. Paul Lutheran, Mount Prospect. Wear a sweater you bought..or one you made. The options are endless and we might just be awarding a prize for the ugliest of the ugly sweaters. E-learners, be sure to email in your pictures so we can include you in the fun!

Upcoming Events:

November 18 - - Picture Retake

November 25-27 - - Thanksgiving Break

December 11 - - Christmas Around the World , Mid-Term Reports, Christmas Around the World

December 14th - - Ugly Christmas sweater day

December 17th - - Children's Christmas Program - Virtual

December 18th - - Christmas break begins at 12:00 noon, NO AFTERCARE

Consider sending our supporters a Thank You!

I urge parents to send thank you letters to the following organizations that generously provide funds to keep the BIA education affordable.


CLEF - 861 S. Church Road, Besenville, IL. 60106

English District - 33100 Freedom Road, Farmington, MI. 48336

Bethesda Lutheran Church - 6803 N. Campbell Avenue, Chicago, IL. 60645