Our Learning Management System (LMS)

Schoology /skoo-luh-jee/ is the primary means of communication with parents.

Did you know?

You can get to Schoology from anywhere by typing the following:

It is also linked in Classlink Launchpad for easy access!

Helpful Hint: To log in use username only (omit

Assignments and Assessments in Schoology

In addition to organizing course materials and allowing for easy communication, Schoology is also a powerful way to share assignments and digital assessments with students.

Schoology Assessment Overview

To Learn More About Schoology...

Please join our Self-Paced PD Course in Schoology! Go to Courses > My Courses > Join a Course, and use N4KD-MN5Z-TNXHH to access. Completion of these training modules is a great way to earn Technology Proficiency credit while learning about this useful tool.

Common Cartridges in Schoology

Video Link- Common Cartridges in Schoology

Textbook companies supply digital resources that support the curriculum. These might include quizzes, tests, links to websites, copies of textbooks, and much more. Resources like these are packaged and distributed digitally in common cartridges. It might be advisable to check the textbook list to see if your textbook has this resource. If you see the code CC-SGY, you will find your common cartridge in the resources of the Schoology group of your subject area.