Descriptive Writing

The Combination of Stuff I've Written

The Sleep Over

Girls are herded into one small room, where whichever movie they are going to watch was being played. Blankets were tossed onto the extendable couch, where girls were already nesting in their cocoons for the night. All the girls pretend to be the pretty and polite young ladies. But as soon as the warm delicious pizza is dished out and the parentals are off to bed, it gets real. Someone turns the volume on the T.V up so it drowns out the gossiping and the snickers. The buttery popcorn is passed around in a large bowl, where an assortment of hands reach in and grab as much as they can. Around eleven ‘o'clock events start to take a crazy twist. Bright red licorice is flung across the room, in hopes of hitting someone in the face. The sugary candy bowl has been knocked over and now litters the floor. Girls are having an epic jousting battle with their curling irons. And at one point someone sprayed a lot of Justin Bieber perfume in the corner (and trust me, your eyes will burn). Oh, and let’s not forget the classic ‘Bra hanging from the ceiling fan prank.’ Screams of laughter fill the room, and disrupt the people who are actually trying to get to sleep. Around one AM things usually tend to slow down. Majority of the girls back on their phones, taking poorly lit selfies. And by half past two everyone decides it’s time to finally go to sleep. Hallelujah.

Time (Abstract Noun)

Time is the color of the sky at night. Which people often think is black. But it’s not. It is in fact a deep blue, and swirling through that deep blue is a dozen different shades of blue. Mixing together to make unspeakable beauty. And bursting and shining through, are the stars. Blaring through the darkness.

Time tastes like old copper. Or metal. Or iron. Or silver. Or any with a metal tang. That leaves a certain zest on your tongue. You often forget about it, but it is there, plaguing and taking over (your taste senses) slowly but surely.

Time smells of turmoil and diesel. Working fluids that power everyday objects. Burning and bubbling oils, spilling and overflowing. It smells of the bottom of a copper mine. Rather overpowering, and brings many painful headaches.

And Time reminds me of the total forever and nothingness on the other side of the universe. Continuously stretching, and never making any stops.For anyone or anything. Forever and nothing. Seems about right,

Time makes me feel alone. Lost. Confused. Frustrated. And… odd. Time is merely a concept we made up. When I was young, I always blamed the clocks for making me late or making me run out of time. But as I grew older, my opinions changed. The clock doesn't move time it simply tells time. If we stopped time, everything would continue. Because time doesn't change, we do. We grow and evolve. And this is why I feel alone, lost, confused, frustrated and odd. Time is just

Curiosity (Abstract Noun)

Curiosity is bright yellow, a bright shade that enlightens situations.

Curiosity tastes of sugar, spice and everything nice.

It smells of the unknown food your mom id making in the kitchen. Enticing you to come take a peak.

And Curiosity reminds me of the warm cup of tea that you definitely need after work.

Curiosity makes me fell encouraged. To find and discover new things.

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