Mixed,Market,and Command Economies

By Timothy and Jarques

Ratings of some economic goals

Economic Freedom: 4.5

Mixed Economy- allows a level of private economic freedom in the use of capital but also allows for governments to interfere in economic activities in order to achieve social aims.

Command economy- governments own all factors of production and government officials determine when,where,and how much is produced at any one time

Market economy- investment,production,and distribution are based on supply and demand and goods and services are determined in a free price system

Economic Security: 4.5

Command Economy-income, healthcare,housing,education etc. is decided by the government

Market Economy-Individual is responsible for everything income, housing, healthcare, etc. (Choice is decisions)

Mixed Economy- the Gov. allows better competition amongst the service providers by providing regulations for protecting the whole society.This Gov. provided aids in the maintenance of a strong and stable economy


A mixed market- United states

Command Economies- China

Market Economies-Australia

Who Owns Resources

Mixed economy -has a private ownership.

Market economy-owned by more than one individual.

Command economy-By the state.


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Economic Decisions

Mixed- Individuals make some economic decisions and Government officials and legislatures make other economic decisions

Command- the central government

Market- it is the people who make decisions in a modern day market economy

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