World Religions


Most important belief

I think the one most important beliefs is that in the Islamic religion is that they pray 5 times a day. I think that this is important to their religion because it makes they different from all other religions.

Why do They do This?

Muslims pray five times a day because Muhammad had a dream that he meet god and they agreed that all Muslims should pray to their god five times a day. Now this is a traditional part a being a Muslim.

what Makes Believers of Islam Want to Follow its Teachings?

Many people follow the teachings of Islamic because their parents follow the religion or they came from a different religion that they didn't feel like was true or though that this was more like what they believed.

Extremists in This Religion

The extremist believe that their actions are correct because of their interpretation of the Qur'an. They believe their actions are good and they will be go to heaven because they are fighting for their religion.

Current Event

The current event that I found is a event about a ISIS attack that took place in a small cafe. ISIS had come in and took many hostages that were in the cafe at the time and forced they to fold the ISIS flag up against the windows. after a few hours a man ran out of the building,soon another ran out, followed by two women that worked at the cafe. Most of the hostages came out of the building after a SWAT team came to the cafe to get all people out of the building.The SWAT team shot and killed the ISIS member inside the cafe after all of the hostages were out of the cafe.

Islamic Art

This panting is titled The Angel Surush Rescues Khusrau Parviz: From the Shahnama

Made in the time of 1530-1535 by: Muzaffar Ali

This panting was made to tell a story of a man that was chased by the men of Baharm Chubina, Khusrau Parviz galloped across the plains of Duk until the rock ended in front of a mountain. He climbed up the cliff in search of an escape, but a rock blocked his way. His escape ended there, with Bahram and his men just a few steps away, khusrau called out to the lord, who sent the angel Surush to rescue him.

this panting is now a part of the Islamic religion.

Islamic poem

Allah is Great

Allah is Great this I know,

For the Qur'an tells me so;

All of us to him belong,

We are weak but he is strong

The meaning in of this poem is that Allah will be there for you and you know this because the Qur'an say that he will. so that when you feel weak you will know that Allah will watch over you. This is a good poem for Islam because it tells all who are Muslim that as long as you believe in Allah and Islam you will be safe.