(02/08) Daily Reading Agenda

February 8, 2016

Activity #1: Morning Work 104

You will practice your spelling, identifying plural nouns, and adding predicates to complete sentences.

We will begin this week's Word Study and Grammar Study tomorrow, so we can make sure that we finish all of the activities planned for today.

Activity #2: Discuss Last Week

We will discuss your experiences with the substitute, using Canvas + OneNote, and grades. I will allow you time during ELT to make up or redo any assignments from last week.
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Activity #3: Introducing Seesaw

You will watch a video explaining Seesaw, followed by a more in-depth introduction by Mr. Jones.

Your Seesaw username is your Katy ISD username + @katyisd.org (Just like OneNote). The password is the same as your Katy ISD login password.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview

Activity #4: Create Two Posts in Seesaw.

You will:

  • Snap a new photo of yourself and post it in your private folder named "My Folder."
  • Take a picture of your signed Classroom Pledge and post in the "Rules and Expectations" Folder.

Activity #5: Independent Reading Time

You will read from one of your nonfiction texts for a minimum of twenty minutes. During which, you will write down 3-4 Stop and Jots to show me your thinking. The way we do this activity will change completely tomorrow because we will start posting these in Seesaw.