I am Me

By Noah Klinger

I am Apple

I love apple. It is my pride and joy. I use apple products on a day to day basis. Without apple, my life would be a lot harder! If you want to get apple products, here is a link!

I am YouTube

I do YouTube videos everyday. I do videos that revolve around technology and gaming. One of the games I play frequently is Minecraft (Link here to get the game.). If you would like to check out my YouTube channel, here is a link!

Peaceful Let's Play Episode 21 - "Enchantment Room!"

I am technology

Tech is one of my favorite subjects. Everybody has a computer! Everybody enjoys watching videos on YouTube or videos bought on iTunes. Computers can help you with calculations for math homework. Computers have different OS's.

I am Minecraft

Minecraft is o of my favorite games. This on of the most played games on my YouTube channel. about 12 million people play the game. Here is a link to get one.