My best projects of Tech class.

By: Dylan McIntyre - 2015 8th hr.

Tagul Word Cloud

One of my best projects was Tagul Word Cloud because...

  • We got to make a word cloud with a lot of things that are important, cool, special, etc.

  • We got to pick different shapes that out words will look like when they are all put together

  • We also were able to pick out own colors.


Another one of my favorite projects is ToonTastic because we got to make a movie about a fairy tale that we created and we could pick characters or even draw them and props. We followed the plot line and made a cool movie with animation that we could make our character do, like we could make him/her jump, run, and even talk.


One more of my favorite projects is Thematic. We were able to take a lot of pictures and put then into like a slide show type of style and we could also put text over the pictures. I was a really easy and fun project that we can tell people information and much more.

RomanAtwood Biography

This was by far, one of the best projects that I have ever done. I made a biography about my favorite YouTuber using I madeit about his life and all of the things he has done. Smore is cool because you can present anything that you want. Yeah posters are cool, but Smore is a way better creative way to present whatever you want.


This is another project that I did and i was cool because we could make a picture book for kids and we could add pictures and make a voice over to it.