The Piney Woods of Texas

Ethan B. 12/2/15 2nd period


Located East of Texas,next to Louisiana
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Things to do

You can go on the Big Thicket National Preserve Trails where most of the sight seeing where there are 85 different types of trees ! You can go explore trails by walking or biking, go camping, and bird watching to see birds like the rarely seen Red-cockaded woodpecker and other wildlife!You can go fishing,hunting,boating,hiking,running

Sight seeing!

Bodies of water

  • Neches River ,San Jacinto River,and Pine Island Bayou

Rare to find

Historical sites

  • Millard's Crossing Historic Village
  • Camp Ford historical park
  • Durst Taylor Historic House and Gardens

Wildlife and plants


  • Southern short-tailed shrew
  • Virginia opossum
  • Common gray fox
  • Striped skunk
  • Eastern flying squirrel
  • Bull Frog
  • Attwater's pocket gopher
  • Marsh rice rat
  • River otter Plants Pine, oak, and other hardwood forests
  • Red maple
  • Southern red oak
Red mulberry Loblolly pine
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What Big Thicket was before it became anything

People used this area for logging through the 19th and 20th century.Till President Ford did anything about it.When people where logging the area the old trees that they cut down where actually the homes forsome birds ,so when President Ford gave the constitution the "ok" to protect the area the and save some species

HIstory of how this became

40 years after a Biological Survey , the U.S. congress passed on a legislation that made Big Thicket National reserve,after President Gerald Ford signed it and gave it the "ok"

Even more history!

Nacogdoches claims to be the oldest town in Texas as do other towns, and is named for a Caddo Indian family believed to have founded a settlement in the area. Red brick streets run through the historic and charming downtown, and you can walk through a reconstructed 19th century village. The town is a starting place for scenic east Texas drives, whether it's history, architecture or natural sights you're looking for. Antique and specialty shops are thick through the area. Since it's home to the Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches also has a college town atmosphere.


The Piney Woods goes from Beaumont all the way up north to Texarkana, and includes many towns; Athens, Henderson, Longview, Marshall, Nacogdoches, Palestine and Tyler are just a few of the many towns in this region.


High humididtiy

High temp.

A decent amount of rain fall