Highly Dense Toronto!

2.8 Million People at The Edge of Canada

Toronto Over Populated!

Going to a destination in Toronto on foot or by car isn't just hard, it might just be IMPOSSIBLE! The small 630 km square city is too populated with 2.8 million people and with 130 more buildings under construction. My experience at Toronto was okay, it was really fun. It was just very hard to reach our destination, there were too many people and very small amount of walking space. Walking around was hard but driving there was worse, too much traffic. Toronto is an amazing city to explore, its just too populated.

Businesses in Toronto!

Toronto The CBD of Canada!

Since Toronto is an over populated city, developers and business owners want to start a business there. If you want to start a business or just expand the one your working on, then Toronto is the right place.

Land-Use in Toronto

What Else I Have Learned

Toronto to me seem as if it was killing the environment, but when I actually walk through it with my class and teacher I saw Toronto in a different way.