Peter Lalor

Eureka Stockade

Family Life

Peter Lalor was born on the 5th February, 1827 , Queens country ,Ireland. He was one of eleven, Their family's descendants fought in the English invasion of Ireland in the sixteenth century. He migrated into Aus in 1952 . He was a miner and a eureka stockade leader. He died on the 9th of February , 1889.

Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade was a stockade to get miners rights. The miners had to pay for a ticket to mine, the miners didn't like this. In 1854 the Eureka stockade started. The miners burnt the Eureka Hotel in rebellion they also burnt their miner's tickets. The stockade was a massive wall of wooden barricades which stopped the police enemies.


  • *leaving his family
  • *Leader of The Eureka Stockade
  • *Survival
  • *Finding gold
  • *suppling himself with food and shelter

Help or Hinder

  • Peter was helpful because he discovered a new place to mine for gold.
  • Peter was unhelpful because he could have talked the governor into making it so there is no miners licences.


  • He had a family
  • Discovered gold
  • Eureka Stockade leader
  • Politician
  • Survived in a family of 12

Responsibility for Eureka Stockade

  • He fought for the miners rights
  • He told the miners to do stuff for him
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Song For The Eureka Stockade by davidrovics