RES Staff Update

May 13-17, 2019

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Our 3rd and 4th-grade teachers did not have the opportunity to prepare their rooms for STAAR on Friday. Anyone who would like to help with covering materials in their rooms would be welcomed to help. I know many teachers have mentioned coming in extra early to do this. If you'd like to help, please feel free to show up early to help. Since we are testing in Math on Monday, the first priority would be to help in those classrooms (Winkelmann, Cohen, Kubis, Hussey, Kruse, Holz, and Tryon). I'm sure if you email any of them, they'd be able to tell you if help is needed. Thanks to everyone for being true team players!
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Staffing for Next Year

Staffing Changes

In addition to our retirees (Lisa Strahan, Pat Weiman, Jane Sledge, Laurie Brown, Linda Wheatley, Barbara Cohen, and Vickey Tryon), the following staff members will be missed at Robison next year:

Connie Corley (AB Para) is resigning and plans to pursue a job in the business world.

Lisa Murray (SPED para) accepted an instructional para position at Pope Elementary.

Ashley Leach (PPCD teacher) is relocating to the Conroe area.

Katherine Wallis (PPCD teacher) is going to grad school full-time to pursue a degree as a speech therapist.

Stephanie Portillo (Kindergarten teacher) is transferring to Kirk to be a 2nd-grade math/science teacher. Stephanie will be cutting her drive time tremendously with only a 9-minute commute.

Julie Kastor (Kindergarten teacher) is making the move back to Katy ISD to be a diagnostician.

Emily Gunn (1st-grade teacher) will be staying home to take care of her precious baby.

Rita Healy (SPED teacher) accepted the position as a deaf-ed itinerant teacher for the district.

Jeanne Decker (5th-grade teacher) is relocating to the Dallas area.


The 2019-2020 calendar planning meeting will take place on May 22. This should be attended by one grade level representative (usually the team leader), all large group teachers, and all administrators. Please be sure to give your representative your input for this meeting. If your grade level has requests for specific dates, please be sure to share those; however, please have back-up plans due to the number of events that must be scheduled. We want to do everything possible to avoid events in May. There are already so many events taking place (STAAR, end-of-year parties, 5th-grade awards, etc.). We don't want to purposely add events to this very busy time of year.

If you are attending this meeting, please register for course #10307. The meeting will take 2 hours (4:30 to 6:30 pm). If you are unable to attend for the full two hours, please ask someone to attend in your place.

Reminders for This Week


STAAR (3rd & 4th Math & 5th Math Retest)--No visitors


STAAR (3rd & 4th Reading & 5th Reading Retest)--No visitors


STAAR (5th Science)--No visitors


2nd Math DPM

Moran @ Tech Liaison Meeting (4:30 pm)


PTO 100+ Hours Volunteer Breakfast in Library (8:00 am)

Spirit Day

2nd Math DPM

Nacho Bar for "Nach-o Ordinary Staff"!

Grouping Cards during planning (K-4)

PTO General Meeting to announce new slate of officers (9:00)

PTO Budget Meeting (9:30-1:00 ish)

Calendar Updates

Monday, June 3

  • Math training with Garland (PK & K: 8:30-11:30 and 1st: 12:30-3:30)

Tuesday, June 4

  • Club Rewind Program begins at Robison
  • Math training with Garland (2nd: 8:30-11:30 and 3rd: 12:30-3:30)

Wednesday, June 5

  • Math training with Garland (5th: 8:30-11:30 and 4th: 12:30-3:30)

Staff Dress for the Week

JEANS! Shirts should be appropriate--no t-shirts, except on spirit day. Shoes should be professional as well--not tennis shoes or flip flops (unless you have a coupon).

Please continue to honor spirit days on Fridays with our Robison spirit shirt or College Spirit Day (May 24).

Professional Development

2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.