Celebrating Dot Day!

September 15th

What is Dot Day?

Peter H. Reynold's book, The Dot, was published 15 years ago. It brought readers the story of Vashti, a child who doesn't believe she can draw, but with a little encouragement after making a mark on the page, she begins to create more and comes to see herself as an artist. On Dot Day we celebrate this book & the creative spirit it inspires in all of us. The message reminds us all to go out in the world and "make your mark"...whatever that might be...and see where it takes you!
Peter H Reynolds "The Dot" Behind The Scenes

Celebrating as a family...

At home you can celebrate by trying some of these activities:

* Watch videos of Peter H. Reynolds' stories together!

* Use your San Antonio Public Library or Bibliotech accounts to read/listen to/watch Peter H. Reynolds stories together online, using the different apps like Libby, Hoopla, & Cloud Library!

* Get out your crayons, pencils, markers, watercolors, play-dough -- whatever you can find -- and just start creating!

* Let a song play and see what it inspires in you as you free draw, free write, or free think!

* If your family wants to share with the world any of the ways you create, do, and "make your mark," your family can share your Dot Day celebration under the hashtag #DotDay2021 , #InternationalDotDay or #makeyourmark