Why GMOs are Good

Andrea M.


GM products actually benefit our health. They develop them to the point where their nutritional value is sky high. Their nutritional content such as fiber is enhances as well as using products with low calorie oils and sugars and also low amounts of saturated fats. They will be safer to consume because products such as GM corn has lower bacterial and fungal toxin content than non-GM corn.

The world's malnutrition is also a big problem, people around the world are not getting to necessary nutrients they need in order to survive such as vitamin A. With GM products scientists are hoping to be able to add vitamins and minerals in foods in order to better the nutrition in the world as a whole.


With the new sorts of pesticides and fertilizers crops are able to be grown with out a problem. They are able to fight off pests and insects that would destroy the crops all together. With this new technology quality of farming is much better and the production of healthy crops increases greatly.


Ever since people have been on Earth we have used plants and crops to benefit us. Whether we know it or not we have been modifying crops for thousands of years. Crops have evolved from the time we began farming to now. Scientists that genetically modify crops are doing nothing but helping mother nature with the process it's been undergoing for ages, evolution.