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Cyberbulling is: hurtful and nasty images, videos and messages, horrible online gossip and chat. It is also abusive text, emails and messages. It is used over wesites such as: facebook, twitter, instagram and much more.

who can help? talk to someone straight away like a family member, adult , friend , teacher and much more. Tell someone you trust and that would help you also when you get cyberbullyied dont respond back to the person who sent it. Also you should report the cyberbulling straight away so they can figure out who the person was and deal with it.

Call the and

who is there to help?: your parents are there to help because they can call someone such as the school if your child goes their with the bully and they can talk to the cyberbully and say how much that they hurt the child. Also you can go onto the links what i put on above and you can talk to them about how you feel and how it is so upseting to you and its hurting you.

Online safety

if your a parent make sure the internet is public around the house otherwise a child can go ito their bedroom and use it without you knowing. Also, always check what your child is doing on the internet, it can be very dangerous and you never know what is happening to your child. if your a child check with your parents to see if your allowed to be on the online website and if you can comunicate with other people on it. Do NOT let anyone know your password except someone you trust such as a parent, guardian or family member.also tell your parents if something bad has happend online and its making you upset.


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Netiquette is a website that can help with your problems and tell you some advice. Netiquette is a way of saying "net" wich means the internet and links and social media , also "quette" what means nice, kind, repectful and resposible. Netiquette is a very good link to go on and it well really help you alot if your having so much trouble and if something is hurting you.

you should go to this website: for help.