All About Me!!!!!

Yuriko Yttrium

Basic Facts

I am the element Yttrium. My symbol is just plain old Y. I have an atomic mass of 89, with 39 protons and electrons. I have 50 neutrons. I melt at 1529°C and boil at 5306°C. I'm usually a solid at room tempature. I am a metal in the Transition Metals group. I have a silvery-white color.

I was discovered close by to the town of Ytterby by Johan Gadolin in 1794. I was thought at first to be a Rare Earth Metal, because of my similar properties to them. Even though I behave like a Lanthanoid, I really am Transition Metal. In fact, I am never found in nature by myself, but always with the Rare Earth Metals.

I have 25 isotopes. My largest isotope is Y-103 and the smallest is Y-79. One of my isotopes is really helpful, in fact. Y-90 is used to treat various cancers. Y-90 is also used in medical needles. These needles are used to cut of the pain-transmitting nerves that connect to the spinal cord.

Some other things me and my isotopes help out with is in technology. Ytrrium Oxide is used in satalites and microwaves. Europium and I are used in tv, cameras, and other eltronics to get the red pigments you see. With me, you wouldn't have the color on your screens you see today.

I am 400 times more common than silver! Imagine how much of me there is all around you. I am in fact, the 28th most abundant element. Out of his many elements there, that's pretty high up on the charts. I also will ignite when heated in the air. Cool, huh?

I was also found on the moon. One spacetrip brought back samples of the moon's crust and took x-rays in it. They found me in the samples of rock. There is actually more of me in the moon's crust then in the Earth's crust.