Lynette's Tech Show and Tell

Jan 18 2016

Getting Started

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Overcoming limitations

If you are like me, Google docs itself, just doesn't cut it for you. You miss advanced features of Microsoft Office applications, or just need it to do something it doesn't do.

Luckily for us, there are many other people that feel the same way. Some have taken it upon themselves to fix this. They have created add-ons and scripts that overcome the limitations that usually have us turning away from google drive.

Google products and add-ons that I am using today

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This page was made with Smore

Smore does to online flyers and newsletters what Weebly did to webpages. Drag and click interface makes it easy to create and send electronic flyers and newsletters.

Smore is a Freemium site, although they do have a free membership level, I subscribe to the paid version.