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A Wedding in Kedah and Pangkor Malaysia

Pangkor is actually a small island, well known by locals but little known by international vacationers. It's situated about 180kmn north of Kuala Lumpur and I reside nearby within the town of Sitiawan, 9km land inwards from the jetti to Pangkor.

Now living here for nearly 3 years and getting been invited in rather a couple of Chinese and Indian weddings, I was nonetheless waiting for my first invitation to get a common Malay wedding. Mrs. Sabtu from the Nipah Bay Villa, a good small bus from jb to kl invited me for two days of your wedding of her son. The first day would be spend in a smaller town in Kedah, just north of Penang but the second day could be held in Pangkor, in the hotel.

Not surprisingly I was intrigued. The tiny town of Guar Chempedak, just north of Penang in Kedah was the scene for the very first day. Guar Chempedak is actually a little town where, by accident I had been several weeks earlier. I had not even remembered the little town when I passed it on the bicycle. This time I came by bus which was fairly a journey. While only 60km from Penang, busses took a lengthy time and stopped everywhere ahead of arriving in Guar Chempedak.

When I arrived I was welcomed by the father from the bride. He showed me about. Inside the back in the property folks have been busy preparing meals. For steaming rice they have been employing, what they referred to as a rice rocket cooker. It really is basically a huge rocket shape cover that covers 15 plates of rice. In the bottom there is a fire heating the rocket and steams the rice. The process takes about 3 hours.

We had a meal after which the bride and groom arrived. Bride and groom have been dressed in yellow and gold, very a stunning sight. In the home prayers and stories have been told. With the arrival of bride and groom a far more severe prayer session began.

Later the satisfied couple joined for lunch. At the same time a pentjak silat demonstration started.

The second day at Pangkor

The second day of your celebrations, several day days later was really different. Never get me incorrect, not superior or worse, just different and like the initially day, fairly an expertise. At arrival at the hotel, I walked about, spoke to some buddies, and went to determine the bride who was preparing herself within the bedroom. Here numerous buddies were assisting the bride to get ready.

We were waiting for the arrival on the groom and what do you do in Malaysia whenever you wait? You consume. And a few in the really greatest food I had in Malaysia more than the 3 years I'm right here now, I had at weddings. Right here in the Nipah Bay Villa it was no different. Fish, chicken, vegetable dishes, practically nothing was performed on the affordable. The prawns had been enormous and fresh. But the decoration was fresh too. Even though I was eating I looked about and saw that the hotel was all in blue and silver (in Kedah everything was decorated in gold - color). Even all the flowers have been freshly brought the day earlier from Cameron Highlands.

Ultimately I stopped consuming. It was virtually time for the groom to enter. The bride went out for the official meeting outdoors the gates on the Nipah Bay Villa. The ceremony outside was followed by prayers and blessings inside.

Immediately after this household and buddies were invited to bless the delighted couple. This process, contrary to some believes is rooted way back within the standard Malay (but not Muslim) tradition.

It performs this way, you take some rice and place it inside the hands of each, then you take some bunga rampai and give this to bride and groom. Bunga rampai can be a potpourri of scented pandan, rose petals and turmeric rice grain that is usually prepared the day ahead of applying. Just after the bunga rampai, you sprinkle some oiled perfume on each hand then you shake the hands on the groom (for the ladies, they shake hands using the bride only). It was now time for bride, groom along with the family members to appreciate their meals. Later inside the afternoon the guests, who kept coming and going finally left after an excellent day.

You may need to study a lot more about my experiences with this Malay Wedding. Here would be the hyperlink for the web page I wrote regarding the very first day in Kedah and this page is regarding the wedding day in Pangkor It was a pleasure to be invited for these two days as well as a fantastic and colorful practical experience.