Come Sail With John Cabot!

''A European Explorer ''

Some of My Information

I'm an Explorer and navigator I was born Giovanni Caboto in Italy around 1450. By 1495, I had moved to Bristol, England, with my family.


I made a voyage in 1497 on the ship Matthew and claimed land in Asia

for King Henry VII of England.

The Route I Took For My 1497 Voyage

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More Land!

Finding Land

I sailed west from Bristol on the Matthew in the hope of finding a route to Asia. On June 24, I sighted land and called it New-found-land.I believed it was Asia and claimed it for England.
  1. This land did not have the riches I had read about. This land was a total wilderness. Even though I didn't find the riches I hoped to find, I claimed parts of Asia for England.

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