DL - Final Exam

By: Luis Rolando Rios Rodriguez

What Is It

A digital footprint is technically everything you do on the internet, is your the trail or traces you and other people leave online, pictures, posts, videos. It is very important because is not just a trail of what you do over the years on the internet, it something bigger than that because it tells people what kind of person you are. It can be determined by:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

What Does It Consists Of

My Digital Footprint consists of my free time after school, I just post pictures of me playing PlayStation 4 or when i'm eating something really good, also i put what i do normally with my friends, like if we are hanging out sometimes i invite more people to come and on the weekend we always play a big football game with all of our friends and i put something like "Football game today, at gazebo, come around 3 pm" and actually i would say "My Career" because as many of you know i want to be a rapper in the future and i always post previews of my new songs and when i do a important Ft. (Featuring) i post pictures of who i'm working with and stuff like that, The purpose of me doing that is because i really like doing what i do and i want people to know it and it's not that i'm thinking that i'm the best at it but i'm really good, a lot of people know and the things that I've been able to do this last years proves it. Now this explains that i am a very active and "interesting" person.

It's Impact

My footprint has a good impact for my future, because even though i go through a lot everyday and sometimes i don't do what i'm supposed to do because i wan't to do something else i most of the time post positive stuff so that the people i have on social media stays focused and motivated to do their stuff and be good people. When i post about the good things that i do and things that i'm going to do helps me because nothing of it it's negative or bad, because nothing of it includes alcohol, or any type of drugs.

Nothing on my footprint is harmful for my future because i barely post bad things and when i do i end up deleting them. The only thing that could be harmful is if someone took a screenshot of what i posted before i deleted it.

What I Learned

This semester I've learned something really important that even though other people don't care i do, and that is to think about what you are going to post before you do it, make sure it's good and not just good, that is something that people would like and that it would make them be as good as you are.