Civli War WebQuest

By: Reed Marvel

Jarrett Brown (Slave Owner)

My reaserch about Jarrett Brown- Jarrett F. Brown was born on September 18 1836 in Virginia. After the death of his first wife william remarried and the family moved to Illinois around 1849-1850, he had two children Perry Jarrett and Alice Jarrett.

What was Jarrett Browns role in the Civil War- He was a slave owner.

How did Jarrett Brown fell about the Civil War and how did he fell about his role- He wanted his slaves so he fought in the war. He was a private and had to get his arm decapitated to stay alive. It was probably hard for him to stay in business because of the war on slavery.

Insteresting Facts- Whites' were not the only ones who owned slaves, blacks also were slave owners but mostly so they can buy their friends and family and try to give them freedom.

How would I fell being that character- I would fell in charge and have power, I would want to succeed but I would not be as harsh as the other slave owners.

Mary Schiner (Slave)

My reaserch about Mary Schiner- Mary Sciner was born from 1808-1861 she was born in to slavery into South Carolina and she died by ecucution.

What was Mary Schiners role in the Civil War- A house slave.

How did Mary Schiner fell about the Civil War and what was her role- She wanted the north to win so she could be free and not to half to work day and night. She was a house slave and she felt really streesed and tired becasue she wanted the north to win so she could be free.

Interesting Facts- She was born into slavery she didnt get bought and she had friend named Harrite Jacobs. She was killed by ecucution.

How would I fell about being that character- I would fell over worked and tired from cooking, taking care of the children and cleaning. I would fell a little bit glad when I go to church with my woner so I have a break from working.

Abraham Lincoln

Reaserch about Abraham Lincoln- Abraham Lincoln was bron on February 12, 1809 in a small cabin in Kentucky. He married in 1842 to Mary Tod soon after they had four children Robert, Edward, William and Thomas. He became President in November 6, 1860. He was assasinated in Ford Thetre by Jhon Wilks Booth then, barried in Oak Ridge Cemetary on May 1865.

What was Abraham Lincolns role in the Civil War- He was the President of the United States of America.

How did Abraham Lincoln fell about the Civil War and what was his role- Abraham Lincoln probably felt over welmed with all the work and the stress caused by the war of his own country. He would probably reall stress of there not being enough men to go to war and if there is not enough men then the north would lose.

Interesting facts- Abraham Lincoln was assasinated on april 14th (Good Friday). He got his nickname "Honest Ab" from winning a wresting match agiants a town bully. He actualy met his assasin when he was giving a speech at the White House.

How would I fell about being this character- I would be constantly working to make sure slaves were free and that my men can fight for the civil. I would also be making sure that I can run the country properly. It would be very tough with all the work that I would be doing if I was Licoln.