Paul Revere's Life

Cameran t.

Early Life

Paul Revere is famous because he did a lot of things in his early life.As a young man Revere worked as a silversmith with his father.He also worked as a political cartoonist and messenger.Revere carried messages to other colonies about unfair treatmeant from the British.When he grew older Paul joined the Sons Of Liberty.I think Paul Revere showed a lot of diligence in his early life.


Paul Revere dedicated his life to help form the United States.Revere had to warn the patriots that the British were coming.Revere also fought in the Revolutionary War.There are historical museums and statues to honor his contributions .Paul Revere has a lot of contributions.

"The British Are Coming"

Character Traits

Paul Revere is an inspiration to all Americans.Revere showed diligence by working many jobs.He also showed bravery because he deliverd the message to the patriots that the British were coming.Paul fought for liberty in the Revolutionary war.Paul Revere is one of my American heros!