January 12, 2018

UpComing Dates


8:15 am 7-8 Grade Sings

12 pm Dance Practice

2 pm GC Practice

4 pm BC Practice


4 pm BB1 Practice

6 pm GB Practice


7 am Faculty Meeting Business

3:45 pm GA Practice

5:30 pm BB2 Practice

6:30 pm BA Practice


8:45 am Chapel Preacher Pastor Gates. Acc. Rhonda

1 pm Principal's Conference

3:15 pm History Fair Set Up

4 pm GB Prac.


Activity Day Pictures

7:30 am 5th-8th Meeting

3:30 - 5 pm History Fair

5-8 pm Potbelly Sandwich Shop Night

6 pm BB1 Practice


K-Fun Day

2:45 pm Junior Choir

4 pm BC vs St. Lucas

5 pm GB vs St. Lucas

5:30 BB2 @ St. Paul's Muskego

6 pm BB1 vs St. Lucas

7 pm GA vs St. Lucas

8 pm BA vs St. Lucas


BA @ Lakeshore Tournament

GA @ Lakeshore Tournament

GB @ Crusader Classic

9 am BC @ St. Jacobi

10 am GC @ St. Jacobi

11am BB2 @ St. Jacobi

Devotion Leader

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  • If you have anything for the Faculty Meeting please email it to me.
  • Please have all grades in by Monday, January 15th at 7 pm.
  • Reports are to go out on Wednesday
  • Please fill out the METRO Conference Sign-Up
  • Our Next round of MAPs testing is coming up Jan 22 for grades 3-8 so we should start thinking about schedules
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

(Robert Frost)


20 Key Soft Skills

I know we touch most of these but do we do it deliberately enough so we make sure the students know them. Do we have the students practice and model them the right way and wrong way so they know what it feels like?


Sticks and Spoons

This is a twist on the drawing sticks for names idea. I like that because they are in groups if they need help their classmates can help which then can help to build team skills and allow shy students to find a voice.