By Luke lemaster

Is it renewable

Coal is not a renewable resource. Coal is a fossil fuel found in mountains and takes millions of years to form

We're is coal found and how is it produced with technology in a factory

Coal in the United States is found in West Virginia,Kentucky,Pennsylvania . It is produced by surface mineing and underground mineing

How does it produce energy and who uses it

1. Coal is first mined underground or striped mined then sent to a power plant.

2.then the coal is smashed so it will burn quickly

3.the coal is then pushed into a combustion chamber and burned at high tempature

4.the heat from the burning coal is used to boil water and produce steam and moves the steam in to a turbine and the steam move the propellers at a very high speed inside the turbine.

5. Thus producing energy

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Products created

Products created from coal are : steal products, building products and tar products
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Who uses coal

Just about every body uses coal if you heat your house with electricity. But the people that use coal are mainly business and worksites

Advantages of coal

For the information on this topic watch this video !!!

Coal miners song