Mrs. Jalbert's Fabulous 4th Graders

4J Classroom Bulletin


Welcome to our fourth grade website! We are so excited that you have decided to visit. This website is designed so we can share what's going on in our classroom. As you explore our website you can find out about daily routines, what we are learning, and special events. We hope you come back often to see what's new in 4th grade.

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Class Dojo

Hi families,

This year I will be using ClassDojo to encourage important skills in the classroom like working hard and participating in class. I'll also use it to communicate with you: we can instantly share messages, updates and photos from class.

I'd like all families to sign up for a Class Dojo account. You can use it on any device: you can use it on any smartphone or computer. Just visit

Go Math! Update - Parent Access!!!!

We are so excited to share with you that you are now able to access Go Math! texts and supplementary materials at home! These texts include the book used in class as well as the Standards Practice book, from which most of the homework is taken. In addition, videos and animated math models can also be accessed when you are supporting your youngster at home with homework or just a refresher of a skill.

To access these items first, go to the Go Math! site which is at

Provide the following information---

State: Massachusetts

District: Supervisory Union 61, Fiskdale

School: Brookfield Elementary School

Username: studentsfirstnamelastname ie susansmith

Password: gomath

We hope that you find the ability to have these items at your fingertips a help when working with your 4th grader or a life-saver when they have left something at school!

Math Links:

Children are expected to come to fourth grade knowing addition, subtraction, and some multiplication facts. Regular home practice is expected.

Please use the following list of resources if you find them helpful:

ELA Helpful Links

Please use the following list of online resources to help with additional practice of 4th grade skills:

Multiple Intelligences

We all know that there are many ways to measure intelligence. There are also many different types of learners. We all do not learn material in the same way. In an attempt to meet all the different types of learners in my classroom and offer a variety of learning activities, I need your help. No one knows your child better than you do. A "Multiple Intelligences Checklist" will be coming home with your child soon.

This checklist helps me identify how your child learns, based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory. After I have reviewed your crucial input, I will be able to calculate your child's preferred learning style. Your child will be able to identify what they are good at, ways to help them learn, and areas to continue to work on. This information will help your child understand how they learn that will impact more than just their success in 4th grade but in life.

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