Lago Vista Middle School


Upcoming Events...

Monday April 20th -- STAAR (Grades 5 & 8 Math)

Tuesday April 21st -- STAAR (Grades 6 & 7 Math); STAAR (Grade 8 Social Studies)

Wednesday April 22nd -- STAAR (Grades 5 & 8 Science); STAAR (Grades 6 & 7 Reading)

Wednesday April 22nd -- Parent Meeting for Incoming 9th Graders at 6:00 at the LVHS PAC

Friday April 24th -- DANCE & MOVIE NIGHT!!!!! Last one of the year!!!

Saturday April 25th -- Campus Beautification NJHS Project (everyone is welcome)

Friday May 1st -- Special Olympics Area 13 Spring Games (Day 1)

Saturday May 2nd -- Special Olympics Area 13 Spring Games (Day 2)

Tuesday May 5th -- Algebra I EOC

STAAR Tips .... It's TIME

Testing Tips:

STAAR testing is next week. At this point it's time to relax and do what Mr. Thailing tells them.

  1. Do their best!
  2. Represent us well!

A few things to keep in mind on school nights:

Make sure your child~

  • Get plenty of sleep each night, especially the night before a test (8-9 hours a night is recommended for middle school aged kids)
  • Organize backpack and things the night before to prevent rushing on test day
  • Eat a healthy dinner and especially a healthy breakfast
  • Dress in layers on test day to adjust to a cold or warm classroom
  • Help your student stay positive and to believe in themselves- help build an “I can do it” attitude

District Track Meet Results... Chalk Up 2 More Championships!!!

Our track athletes competed at the highest level last Friday at the district track meet. Their performance was filled with heart and pure determination. If you see one of these athletes, please congratulate them - they did an incredible job representing Lago!!!

Below are the results by grade level...

8th grade boys - DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!!!! (with 165 pts.)

100 M dash - Freddie Enriquez - 1st place

200 M dash - Layne Mommsen - 3rd place

400 M dash - Chase Kurth - 3rd place

800 M run - Andrew Holt - 5th place

1600 M run - Andrew Holt - 3rd place, Evan Simons - 5th place

2400 M run - Evan Simons - 4th place

110 M Hurdles - Chase Kurth - 1st place, Cody Jackson - 6th place

300 M Hurdles - Jonathon Kovacs - 1st place, Cody Jackson - 4th place

4x100 relay - Kyle Tolson, Layne Mommsen, Hunter Phillips, Freddie Enriquez - 1st place

4x200 relay - Kyle Tolson, Layne Mommsen, Hunter Phillips, Freddie Enriquez - 1st place

4x400 relay - Chase Kurth, Jonathon Kovacs, Kyle Tolson, Hunter Phillips - 1st place

Long Jump - Hunter Phillips - 1st place, Freddie Enriquez - 6th place

Triple Jump - Cody Jackson - 2nd place, Jonathon Kovacs - 4th place

High Jump - Hunter Phillips - 4th place, Layne Mommsen - 6th place

Pole Vault - Johnny Hernandez - 1st place, Layne Mommsen - 4th place

8th grade girls - 2nd place (106 pts)

200 M dash - Grace Standiford - 4th place, Mikayla Adams - 6th place

400 M dash - Sonya Pieklik - 3rd place

2400 M run - Sydney Smith - 5th place, Elysia Swanson - 6th place

110 M Hurdles - Shannon Dyke - 2nd place

300 M Hurdles - Phiala Drake - 3rd place

4x100 relay - Hannah Long, Grace Standiford, Sonya Pieklik, Shannon Dyke - 2nd place

4x200 relay -Mikayla Adams, Grace Standiford, Hannah Long, Shannon Dyke - 2nd place

4x400 relay - Mikayla Adams, Hannah Long, Aerica Robicheaux, Sonya Pieklik - 2nd place

Long Jump - Hannah Long - 4th place, Sonya Pieklik - 5th place

High Jump - Grace Standiford - 1st place, Sonya Pieklik - 4th place

Shot Put - Sam Ramirez - 3rd place, Brynne Hardway - 4th place

7th grade Girls - DISTRICT CHAMPIONS (143 points)

200 M dash - Ady Clark - 1st place

400 M dash - Haley Nichols - 2nd place

800 M run - Itza Cantera - 5th place, Sarah Stark - 6th place

1600 M run - Itza Cantera - 4th place

2400 M run - Haley Nichols - 2nd place, Lyla Vaughn - 5th place

100 M Hurdles - Micaela Hutcheson - 4th place

300 M Hurdles - Micaela Hutcheson - 2nd place, Ashlyn Pasak - 5th place

4x100 relay - Ady Clark, Marie Chan, Ashlyn Pasak, Sophia Kent - 4th place

4x200 relay - Ady Clark, Marie Chan, Ashlyn Pasak, Sophia Kent - 1st place

4x400 relay - Sarah Stark, Marie Chan, Miceala Hutcheson, Sophia Kent - 1st place

Long Jump - Ady Clark - 3rd place

Triple Jump -Micaela Hutcheson - 1st place

High Jump - Haley Nichols - 1st place, Sophia Kent and Micaela Hutcheson - tied for 2nd

Discus - Cali Kommer - 4th place

Shot put - Destiny Deveze - 5th place

7th grade Boys - 2nd place (100 points)

400 M dash - Ethan Arnold - 4th place

800 M run - Ethan Arnold - 4th place

1600 M run - Hunter Sims - 2nd place, Nathan Wiechman - 6th place

2400 M run - Nathan Wiechman - 4th place

110 M Hurdles - Sam Hurley - 2nd place

300 M Hurdles - Logan Montgomery - 3rd place

4x100 relay - Ben Carlton, Logan Montgomery, Josh Hernandez, Tristian Arambula - 1st place

4x200 relay - Ben Carlton, Josh Hernandez, Tristian Arambula, Sam Hurley - 2nd place

4x400 relay - Ethan Arnold, Ben Carlton, Tristian Arambula, Sam Hurley - 2nd place

Long Jump - Sam Hurley - 6th place

Triple Jump - Sam Hurley - 3rd place

High Jump - Tristian Arambula - 3rd place

2015-2016 Cheerleaders

Congrats to next year's LVMS Cheerleaders!

Haley Nichols
Sofia Kent
Lily Dreibrodt
Juliessa Aguilar
Savanna Wolff
Reese Jennings
Sarah Stark
Monsie Martinez
Ashlyn Pasak
Marie Chan
Nevaeh Lopez
Cassie McKinney
Ady Clark
Kylie Cagle
Madi Jackson
Rileigh Oliver
Mary Helen Weisman
Paige Fountain
Jade Beadles
Destiny Hatfield
Yasmine Ancira
Willow Nash
Paige Stallcup
Savanna Sleeper