Take Two Aspirins and Stay Home

Mary Nestor- Harper

This article is about what employees should do if they are not feeling well or, are sick before or during work. I found this article interesting because it talks about what you should do if you're sick at work and how you should handle it. It links to careers because it deals with showing up to work and when it's necessary to take a day off from your job.

Not Feeling Well?

The best thing to do if you're sick is to just stay home. Take some medicine and if it's really bad, go see a doctor. Don't go to work feeling miserable just because you want to show your co-workers you can still work when you're not feeling well. They know what you're probably feeling and they will be understanding. The first person you should talk to though is, your boss. Let them know you're sick and that you just need a day to rest and get better and surely they'll understand because they dont want their employees coming to work sick.