Events in US History

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Pullman Strike: A railroad strike on May 11,1894. It was a strike supporting the opposition to the Pullman Company. The Pullman Company were the main railroads. The American Railroad Union said they would not run trains with the Pullman name on them. I am proud of this event in history because of the bravery of the workers to stand up for themselves.
pullman strike 1894


Sherman Antitrust Act: It prohibited competition with big monopolies. It also banned the use of trusts. The use of trusts gave an advantage to bigger companies. I am proud of the making of this act because it helps keep competition between companies fair.
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Industrialization- Social/Cultural

Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution changed the way of life for citizens. It prompted a population shift to big cities. I am proud because of the way it supported the economy, provided people with jobs, and helped draw attention to child labor which led to the establishment of child labor laws. I am also not proud because it led to a lot of pollution due to a major growth in the number of factories.
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Chinese Exclusion Act: This act restricted free immigration from Chinese workers. It was signed by President Chester Arthur. It was in action for 10 years. I am proud of this act because it shows American determination to do what is right for the people of their own country.
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Hart Cellar Act: This act showed preference to immigrants with skills. This act helped with economic growth because it brought well rounded people into our country. It also lead to economic growth in our government. I am both proud and disappointed in this act because while it helped with the economic growth of the country, it also led to exclusion of the immigrants who never had the chance to learn skills.
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Political bosses: As immigrants arrived, political bosses would bribe them to vote for them. Political bosses had entire political machines of people to help them get votes. The most popular political machine in New York City was called Tammany Hall. I am ashamed of this part of US history because political bosses would take advantage of people to make money.
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Prohibition/Volstead Act: Riots demanding prohibition in the United States led to the Volstead Act. The Volstead Act was put in place to enable the 18th Amendment. This amendment was later ratified due to the request of American citizens. I am proud of Americans for taking the stand to add prohibition to the Constitution but it was not a very successful amendment.


Child Labor: Child labor was popular until the 1920s when laws were passed prohibiting child labor. Child labor was popular because it was more cost effective for companies because of the low wages they paid them. Children were put in dangerous working conditions and often had to climb into machines to fix them because they were small. I am not proud of America for child labor because it is unacceptable to put innocent children in such harsh and dangerous working conditions with ridiculously low wages.
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Tenement Housing: Tenements were run-down small homes that were shared by many different families. Cities were very overcrowded so that led to the development of tenement houses. Because of the high population, workers had to live in unsanitary living conditions. Disease rate was very high. I am not proud of this part of American History because it led to death and disease.
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Mukrakers: Mukraker was the nickname for people who wrote revealing political journals,newspapers,etc. They were given this nickname by Teddy Roosevelt. They wrote to reveal political corruption within the country and government. I am proud of the Mukrakers and their writing because they used their freedom of speech to help inform the people of America about the problems within our country
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Progressive Era: During the progressive era, we as a country progressed with rapid industrialization. Industries such as standard oil became a primary money source in America. The steel industry also brought in a significant amount of money and helped boost the economy. I am proud of the way America has progressed in all aspects including the economic aspect.


19th Amendment: the 19th Amendment allowed voting rights for women in America. After many riots, parades, speeches and more, the 19th Amendment was added to the Constitution. Congress passed this amendment on June 4, 1919. Voting rights for women led to a whole new world of opportunities for women in America. I am proud that women have voting rights because it entails equality of gender.
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Spanish American War/ Treaty of Versailles: This conflict started in 1889 between America and Spain. America won and the war ended when Spain signed the Treaty of Versailles. This gave America control over many islands such as the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. This was very helpful to our military because they could use these islands as ports for their ships. I am proud of America for winning this war and helping to spread their political control to these other countries.
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Platt Amendment: This amendment set up conditions for the US in Cuban affairs. It allowed for the US to lease or buy lands to set up naval bases. It also helped set up coaling stations for the US to use. This is helpful economically because it takes less money for the soldiers to travel to poorly placed stations and bases. This helps with the convenience of naval bases. I am proud of America for expanding economically and using other countries as resources.
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Manifest Destiny: Manifest destiny is a term used to describe the westward expansion of America in the 19th century. This expansion helped Americans to settle. It also provided America farmers with healthy and fertile farm land. I am both proud and ashamed because while it led to good things such as expansion, it also kicked the Indians and Buffalo out of their homes.
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World War I-Political

Espionage Act: The Espionage act was passes June 15,1917. It prohibited interference with the military. It helped to keep citizens quiet on the information about the war. If a citizen was caught talking about information they weren't supposed to be, they could be imprisoned. I think this act is good because it helped to protect the military.
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World War I- Economic

War Revenue Act: It was passed in 1917. This act increased federal income tax rates. This helped to pay for the war. President Woodrow Wilson was in office when this was passed by Congress. I am proud of this act because although is created more taxes, it was for an overall good reason: to help the war effort.
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World War I- Social/Cultural

Trench Warfare: For WWI, many new automatic weapons were creates.Because of this, soldiers used trench warfare because going out onto an open battlefield was too dangerous. These trenches, although fairly safe, were very damp and cold. These conditions led to disease. Diseases such as trench foot were an effect of the damp trenches.
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