North Korea

The Problems Of a Dysfunctional Country

Human Rights

Though they have convinced their citizens they have rights, the citizens dont know they are the only country in the world that still has government based labor camps.

Hunger vs Weapons

Did you know that North Korea is notorious for it's food demands and weapons funding but all that money going into weapons is greatly needed for food considering 2/3 of it's populations is dying of malnutrition or lacking the everyday needed nutrients. The normal person in north korea is estimated 5,5 because they are shrinking because they don't get the right nutrients to grow.

"The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea"

Gods vs Men

A major problem with north korea is even if take over north korea the citizens will never be on our side because they worship their leaders as gods, The first president of north korea is considered the "eternal president" and no other leader can be considered president.