Winfield Town Times

"A little more about YOUR towns happenings!"

New News Herald Comes to Winfield

Welcome to the FIRST Edition of the Winfield Town Times! This newsletter has been created to help keep YOU in the know of happenings in and around your town!

You will find "The Mayors Corner," "Winfield Warriors" "Around Town" and so much more!

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The Mayors Corner

Any Updates on City Happenings...such as what has happened in the board meetings, sewer updates, etc.

Winfield Warriors

This section will be to promote a good deed or act done either by one of our school aged kiddos, or possibly even a heroic act by a citizen, etc.

It will be accompanied by a pic of that person/act.

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Meet the Candidates

Friday, March 25th, 7pm

51 Harry's Way

Winfield, MO

Everyone is encourages to come "Meet the Candidates" for Ward 2 and the School Board. Come geared with questions to see who should earn your vote! I will be there, will you?