Code of Ethics

Jenna Hacker


Honesty is a huge part of the code of ethics. Honesty is being honest, never stealing, doing your own work, keeping accurate records, (if you are in a place of business) and respecting the property of others. I practice honesty by sharing my honest opinion. I don't sugar coat things and I don't lie in order to protect someone's feeling. Along with that, I also tell the truth even if I will be punished for it.


Responsibility is taking care of yourself and being reliable. I struggle with responsibility because I don't like to learn new things and I would much rather have someone else do something for me than learn how to do it. Still, I demonstrate responsibility in small ways. For example, if I say I'm going to give someone a ride home I will do so, or give them at least a few hours of notice if I have to back out.


Courage is not letting your fear control you, it's facing what scares you and conquering it. I demonstrate courage by doing things that scare me for my friend's sake. Such as talking to strangers or adults because they don't want to even if the same thing scares me. I also demonstrate courage by using honesty, I tell the truth when even when I'm scared of what will happen to me.


In my opinion, honesty is being able to keep secrets and trustworthy. My friends often confide in me when they're upset and tell me private things. I keep those private things to myself and never share them no matter how many people ask.


Respecting the people around you no matter how much your opinions differ is necessary in your daily life. Whether this be biting your tongue when they say something offensive, or keeping a mean thought to yourself. I demonstrate respect by never talking back to a teacher or adult no matter what they say. Despite how others may treat me, I still remain polite and make sure to smile.
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