How to become an...Engineer

Learn the Art of Engineering! By Rishi Bandhari


Engineering is when we use mathematics and science to solve our problems in our world. When they use mathematics and science, they improve our ways using technology, traveling, work entertainment, and being healthy. There are many different branches of engineers. The names of these branches are: Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Management engineering, Geo-technical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Computer engineering, Bio-medical engineering, Architectural engineering, Mining engineering, and more!


One of the requirements that you need to meet in order to become an engineer is to have a bachelor’s degree. It is also required that you need to have a license for engineering and you need to pass a series of tests about it. If you want to advance through the fields, you might need a master’s degree. Most engineers have a lot of knowledge about science and math. That is also why engineers are so smart! That is also what is needed to become an engineer. You need science to know what are the right parts or what could happen if they mess up. Math is needed to solve the problems and steps to do it. You need creativity and logical thinking to see what our world really needs and how will it benefit us.

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Day to Day Life of a Engineer

Like I said before, engineers use equations to solve our world problems. They are always trying something new or inventing something new. They can fix certain things too.You get paid a lot while working in this job! They first need to plan out what the requirements are needed for the invention. Then, they build the invention and run some tests to see if it works or if it is worth being placed in stores. Some engineers find cures or vaccines and some chemical engineers make new substances too. They work really hard to improve our daily lives.

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Professionals in the Field

I had a chance to interview a Professional in the Field and his name was Mr. Schutt. He does software designs that can control the blade position of bulldozers and other Caterpillar machines. He gets a chance everyday to solve problems and improve certain machines by using his software. According to Mr. Schutt, he told me that he is able to try out the latest technology at Caterpillar, and he also works with a really good team. His software goes on to special machines and makes homes and improve roads which helps improve our world how it is. He also works with Excavators that dig lakes and ponds. He has been in this field for 18 years! Most beginners will mostly use math and science to solve problems in our world. this helps them with their problem solving ability which usually gets used in their job daily! Engineering sure does help our world a lot with its technology.
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This is how you can become an engineer of your choice. You should get this job because you can do more with it. You can ask other people with different jobs for ideas. Ask “what do you want to have in your life that you don’t have now?” to get new ideas and test them! You should definitely become an engineer because it is an awesome opportunity to improve your life and other people’s as well. That is why you should get this job and use this as a guide to help you become an engineer. Good luck becoming one!

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